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The technical staff of the laboratory prepares the patient’s pathology specimen for review by a pathologist. The technical process may include any or all of the following steps:

  • inspect and describe the intact specimen (gross examination) for physical characteristics
  • proper position of the specimen in the paraffin block
  • fixation of the specimen in alcohol or formaldehyde to preserve the tissue
  • decalcify to make hard bone and/or teeth soft enough to section
  • dehydrate and infiltrate the specimen with paraffin (wax) to prevent cellular alteration
  • embed the specimen into a small, paraffin block to keep the specimen secure
  • cut the block into thin sections
  • place the sections onto glass microscope slides
  • stain the slides for professional review and interpretation
  • prepare special stains and immunohistochemical studies

Technical and Professional services are billed separately. Different providers perform these two services.

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